Safety is RBUSD’s #1 PRIORITY.  All three of us have children in the district.  Below is a detailed list of measures taken over the last few years.

2015-16 School Year
  • Developed: Active Shooter Protocol & Training- Run, Hide, Fight (w/FBI, RBPD)
  • Conducted: School Site Safety Assessments (w/RBPD & RBFD)
  • Conducted: District-wide faculty and staff training on the active shooter protocol (w/RBPD)
  • Conducted: District-wide PTA and parent meetings on the active shooter protocol (w/RBPD)
  • Conducted: School Traffic and Pedestrian Safety plan customized for each school -Traffic and street signage surveys exterior to school sites to increase after-school student safety. Partnered with City of RB Traffic Engineer. Presented to City Council Public Works Commission for work completion
  • Conducted: Consultation w/RBFD on necessary emergency supplies for school sites.
  • Physical Security Improvements:
    • Upgraded: Video surveillance system @ RUHS.
    • Installed: 123 Lock-down latches on each classroom door District-wide
    • Installed: Door access control systems in Child Development Centers
  • Implemented: Emergency Communication Protocols
  • Developed: Crisis Team District Plan for Psychological Emergencies
  • Installed: Defibrillators in four locations at RUHS. Admin, counselors, and office staff trained
  • Implemented: Annual child abuse online training for all RBUSD certificated staff; to be completed by end of October each year
  • Implemented: Walking School Bus routes to provide supervision as students walk to school (w/BCHD)
2016-17 School Year
  • Conducting: District-wide faculty and staff training on the active shooter protocol- Run, Hide, Fight (w/RBPD)
  • Conducted: District-wide PTA and parent meetings on the active shooter protocol (w/RBPD)
  • Developed: Student training sessions by program level to implement active shooter protocol (w/RBPD)
  • Technology Improvements:
    • Integrate: Digital Radio Network to phone system
    • Augment: VOIP Telephone System, Bogen Intercom System
    • Install: Physical security system at all athletics/gym buildings
  • Conducting: California School Parent Survey to evaluate school climate indicators to improve student safety.
  • Conducting: Implementation of Trauma kits and training for designated staff at every school site (w/RBPD)
  • Installed: Digital video monitoring system at RUHS with archived recording, night vision, and sensor lights
  • Developed: Volunteer handbook with clear protocols for livescan, TB, and Megan’s law checks
  • Implemented: Changes to gate keys, so all certificated staff have access to all site gate locks, in case of an emergency
  • Implementing: All-call button on designated staff phones (in addition to principal), so counselor, teacher-in-charge, and ad min assistant can conduct an all call during an emergency situation that occurs when the principal is not available
  • Developed: Power of Choice – parent/student workshop, to encourage a preventative approach to deterring drug & alcohol usage; focus on how to improve student connectedness and social emotional wellness
  • Presented: Screenagers – hosted an independent film to over 1100 parents and students that focused on appropriate usage and monitoring of social media devices, as a means to deter mistreatment via online communication and addictive behavior. Sample family contracts were distributed.
  • Developed: Communication protocol and list of district contacts (Directors and Superintendent) for all elementary teachers-in-charge
Annual Measures
  • Comprehensive School Safety Plans: each school updates their Comprehensive School Safety Plan per California Education Code 35294.6. Plans include procedures for complying with laws related to school safety such as child abuse reporting as well as safety procedures specific to each school site. The RBPD is aware of and provides feedback on the Comprehensive School Safety Plan for each RBUSD school.
  • Grab & Go Guide: each school updates their Grab & Go Guide for emergency responses. The Grab & Go Guide is not mandated by the state or federal government but was rather designed as a RBUSD specific tool to support a school administrator and school faculty in acute school emergency situations such as an active shooter or natural disaster. The Grab & Go Guide is a condensed version of the Comprehensive School Safety Plan. Guides include such school specific information, among other items, as primary and secondary evacuation locations. The RBPD is aware of and provides feedback on the Grab & Go Guide for each RBUSD school.
  • School Safety Drills: in accordance with California Code of Regulations, school safety drills are conducted on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis, depending on the school program level.
  • First Aid Kits: located in each classroom, resupplied, when necessary.
  • California Healthy Kids Survey: evaluate school climate indicators to improve student safety.
  • Sprigeo: anonymous reporting tool used at RUHS (access to link on main page of website) to make a real-time report directly to administration. Students report bullying/mistreatment, alcohol or drug use (on or off campus), depression or suicide ideation, and more. Administration receive an email and respond immediately.
  • Canine Searches: In partnership with RBPD, RUHS conducts periodic, random drug searches of lockers, classrooms, and student possessions, with the primary goal to deter drug possession and use on campus.
  • Great Shake Out: District wide participation in California’s Great Shake Out with different scenarios each year and the removal of key staff & administration from the site, to ensure protocols go into play with or without the principal, assistant principal, and/or health clerk
 And for the future
  • Increase training of staff, students, and parents.
  • Improve the communication links with parents including emergency pickup procedures and locations.
  • Placement of trauma kits in every classroom.
  • Continue to benchmark “best practices” on all school security measure nationwide.
  • Engage RBPD on site-specific pickup/drop-off traffic issues, find and implement solutions.
  • Take every practical measure to insure the safety of our kids and employees.