We live in one of the best communities in California, in large part because of the quality of our schools.  In my eighteen years as a Redondo Beach resident I have worked hard to help make this happen.  Three of my children are attending RBUSD schools, so I have a personal stake in seeing improvements continue.  During my first term as a school board member, the District accomplished much:  stable leadership; improved test scores; great relationships and agreements with our labor partners; on-budget delivery of our bond-funded improvements; enhanced financial reserves; and dozens of State and National recognitions.  We focus on the Whole Child, and our partnership with the Beach Cities Health District has resulted in healthier students with obesity rates falling from 20% to 7%.

Despite these accomplishments, we still have much to do.  We need to continue to strengthen our financial condition, in preparation for the next economic downturn; improve the performance and accountability of our team; enhance the effectiveness of our instruction; and safeguard our students.

I ask for your vote so I can continue to improve our District for the sake of our children and our community.

Michael Christensen