Brad Serkin, Michael Christensen, and Brad Waller


Thank you to everyone who walked, donated, and voted for us. The election is over and the community has overwhelmingly spoken. Brad, Brad, and Mike will be returning to the RBUSD Board of Education for one more term.

Now that the election is over, please take down our yard signs. They are recyclable, and some organizations like to re-use them for signs so ask scouts, AYSO, baseball, and schools if they might want a sign they can paper or paint and use for all weather advertising or directions to an event.

The Choice of Teachers, Parents, and the Community

Welcome. Brad Serkin, Brad Waller, and Michael Christensen are running for re-election to the Redondo Beach Unified School District Board of Education.

We are all three long time community volunteers and have served for the last four years on the Redondo Beach Unified School District Board of Education. All three have worked together, along with the community, teachers, PTA, and administration to improve the schools, student safety, community outreach, and finances over the last four years, and we wish to continue this work for another four years.

We are honored and humbled to have the exclusive endorsement of the Redondo Beach Teachers Association and the California School Employees Association (Redondo Beach Chapter 57).

Make sure you vote for all three of us (Brad Serkin, Michael Christensen, and Brad Waller) when you fill out your ballot or go to the polls on March 7, 2017


Over the last fours years we have:
  • Improved student performance throughout RBUSD, becoming a “destination” District due to the high quality of education provided. Enrollment has increased by 9.5% throughout the district.
  • Strengthened fiscal reserves during our tenure, increasing reserves by 230%.
  • Halted the disruptive turnover in senior District administration and established stability in the management of the District.
  • Significantly strengthened the relationship between the District and the City including with
  • RBPD and the new Chief of Police, Keith Kauffman, greatly enhancing emergency response planning.
  • In partnership with the City, our Police Chief, and our school site staff, we have worked to enhance our school site security and student safety.
  • Supported parent and community involvement, through the PTA and RBEF, which have collectively reached record levels support for our students.
  • As part of our “Whole Child” initiative, and in cooperation with the Beach Cities Health District, reduced the childhood obesity rate of RBUSD kids from 20% – 7.2% in the past 10 years.
  • Established strong and respectful labor relations with our employee organizations.
  • Reached collective bargaining agreements with our labor partners, without disruptions, months ahead of surrounding districts.
  • Collaborated with the Redondo Beach Teachers Association to create a unique, reflective teacher evaluation tool.
  • Implemented Successful Solar program below budget and ahead of schedule saving millions of dollars in electricity costs and significantly reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Completed cordial negotiations on-time with labor groups every year.
  • Decreased Workman’s Comp Claims.
  • The board has written 35 articles published in the School News publication, distributed electronically and in print to 20,000 homes.
  • Delivered over $150 million in school bond-funded projects on time and on budget.
  • The BEST SCHOOLS in the South Bay…over the past two years, RBUSD has received National Blue Ribbon Designation (1 school), CA Gold Ribbon Designation (7 schools) and CA Green Ribbon Designation (3 schools).
  • Implemented a leading edge computer network with 100% high-speed wireless access.
  • Seamlessly implemented a K-12, 1:1, district-wide Chromebook and tablet program.
  • Advocated at the state and federal levels in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., and partnered with surrounding school districts for increased funding to ensure we are getting our fair share.
  • Significantly increased property values in Redondo Beach (beyond LA County and other South Bay averages over the past 5 years) due in part to District performance.
  • Re-negotiated bond rates saving taxpayers millions of dollars.
We will:
  • Continue to ensure our students received the best education possible to develop leaders of tomorrow.
  • Enhance the safety of our students and employees.
  • Build even greater financial strength in preparation for the next economic downturn.
  • Further strengthen the partnership between our District and the city.
  • Bolster parent and community involvement and participation in RBUSD activities.
  • Focus on the Whole Child in improving all aspects of our kid’s learning experience and overall health and welfare.
  • Continue to supervise the 2nd most senior Superintendent in the Greater South Bay.

We have a lot at stake as all 3 Board Members are parents of children in our schools!

Let us continue what we’ve started…to keep moving RBUSD forward!